Stephen Feriozzi

Maintenance Manager

About Me

Stephen Feriozzi, also known as Steve, is a remarkable individual who effortlessly combines his expertise as a Maintenance Manager with a profound dedication to his interests. Born on August 20th, 1998, in the warm and welcoming community of Arcadia, FL, Steve exemplifies a rare blend of technical proficiency, strategic thinking, and heartfelt engagement in every facet of his life.

Steve currently holds the esteemed position of Maintenance Manager, a role that allows him to showcase his problem-solving skills and unwavering commitment to efficiency. His unwavering dedication to ensuring smooth operations makes him an invaluable asset in his workplace, greatly contributing to the overall functionality and success of the organization. In addition to overseeing the technical aspects of maintenance work, Steve excels in team management, task coordination, and proactively implementing preventive measures to avoid potential disruptions.

Steve's professional journey and academic background have been dynamic and enriching. After completing his high school education, he embarked on his professional path, ultimately leading him to his current role. During high school, Steve discovered his passion for golf—a sport that transcended being a mere physical activity. Golf taught him the art of strategic thinking and adaptability, qualities he seamlessly incorporates into his everyday professional life, forming the bedrock of his exceptional work ethic.

While Steve's professional life undoubtedly holds immense importance, his commitment to giving back to the community is equally important in his heart. Actively involved in local initiatives, he generously contributes his time and resources to causes he deeply believes in. From participating in community improvement projects to supporting local fundraising events, Steve consistently demonstrates his unwavering dedication to fostering a more supportive environment for all.

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Stephen Feriozzi
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